Emma Donoghue- Author, Screenwriter, London West Resident and Academy Award Nominee

Queen’s Park, February 29, 2016- I’m pleased to recognize Emma Donoghue, author, screenwriter and London West constituent. Londoners, and indeed all Canadians, are incredibly proud of Donoghue’s Academy Award nomination for the screen version of her critically acclaimed novel Room.

This international bestseller, published in 2010, is a harrowing but uplifting exploration of a mother’s love for her son. Room went on to be shortlisted for just about every literary prize there is, including the Man Booker. As a film, Room earned more accolades, including the People’s Choice Award at TIFF, four Academy Award nominations and, last night, the Oscar for best actress.

Donoghue’s extraordinary achievement is notable on several fronts. First, her literary and commercial success shows the importance of public investments to encourage the writing, publishing, distribution and promotion of books by Canadian authors and poets.

Second, TIFF provided a catalyst for Room to draw film audiences worldwide, reinforcing the value of the festival in profiling Canadian talent on an international stage, and the economic impact of financial support for Ontario’s film and cultural sector.

Third, with females making up only about 10% of movie screenwriters and very few leading roles written for women, Donoghue’s insistence on adapting Room for the screen herself makes her a powerful role model for women in the film industry.

I know I speak for all MPPs in saying to Emma, we celebrate your incredible talent. We congratulate you on your many achievements and we can’t wait for your next book, The Wonder, to be released on September 27.